These are the main equipments used in body building and strength building. Weights are of different sizes and some of them can be adjustable. Weight training equipments include the dumbbells, barbells, pulleys and stacks. Weight training equipment can even be made at home. For example sand bag of a defined weight or a bottle of water of defined weight.

While some of these machines work where the user has to lift a specified amount of weight, there are other equipments like the pull-up equipment where the user will have to use own body weight as resistance to work on. The weight machines work basically on the natural resistance of gravity. The different types of the weights provide varying force amplification relative to the weight being acted upon. Noise has been one attribute in the case of weights like pulleys and stacks. This however, has been resolved in the new magnetic stacks that make lesser noise.

Weights are used in strengthening muscles, bones, tendon and ligaments of the limbs. They are also used in improving flexibility and posture. Weights provide the maximum resistance at the beginning of the exercise, when an effort is put to overcome inertia. This is what differentiates weights from the other form of exercise. The same equipments can be used for body building as well as weight training.

The type of fitness equipment that you use will decide the level of fitness of your body. A disciplined usage of fitness equipments will surely help you in achieving a great fitness level.



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