Weight Training

Most of us want to achieve a lean body structure or rather chiseled body structure. Weight training is a great technique to achieve great body structure combined with muscle strength. Weight training works on a simple principle that you grow bigger and stronger by lifting heavy weights. One must however keep in the mind that every weight training program has certain rules. You must not over exert yourself during weight training or you will end up with torn ligaments.

Weight training concentrates on different parts of the body. If one is aiming for stronger biceps then you must focus on dumbbell based training. One can try these simple training techniques at home. Stand with ones legs slightly apart. Breathe in slowly and hold the dumbbells in ones hands and keep the hands on the side. Now slowly lift the right hand and move inwards till it forms a 30 degree handle. Hold for few seconds and then move the hand backwards to your sides. One shouldn't let hands fall freely. Repeat the same action with the left hand. You can repeat the set thrice. This weight training technique will help one in increasing the size of biceps and giving them a chiseled shape.

Other fitness techniques that can complement weight training are push-ups, dips, squats, bench press, crunches etc. One can practice squats with weights to strengthen shoulder muscles and thighs. Breathing techniques are extremely important in weight training. One must breathe in while lifting weights and vice-versa. Weight training could be really fruitful.



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