This is a stationary exercise machine that provides running and walking motion while stationary one place. The size of the machine will depend on the activity that it is used for. Athletes require a bigger and advanced machine and one used at home should be small and compact.

The equipment consists of a big conveyor belt that moves with the help of a motor. This motor can be either manually moved as in the basic models of the treadmill (manual treadmill) or can be electronically moved as seen in the advanced machines. There is a handle for the user to hold on to and on which the ergometer is placed.

The walking motion is provided by a big conveyor belt which moves with the help of a motor. The person will have to walk or run against the conveyor belt direction thereby resisting it. The rate, at which the belt moves, is the rate of the walking/ running of the person. This motion of the user can be easily measured.

Since the treadmill is considered to be the best equipment for cardiovascular exercise, it is extensively seen and used in medical facilities like hospitals, rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers. The ones installed in medical facilities have other medical monitoring systems attached like the ECG, Blood Pressure machine or the EMG attached to it. These machines measure heart rate while exercising. When a user moves on the treadmill, the mechanical energy created by this motion is directly proportional to the heart rate.



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