Elliptical Trainers

This stationary machine provides exercises that mimic walking, climbing steep hill, running and cycling. These machines put less pressure on the joints of the limbs along with the limb muscles. These machines provide exercise to multiple body parts and can also be called the cross - trainer.

Apart from the great exercise benefit to the muscles of upper and the lower body, these machines also provide a good amount of cardiovascular exercise too. The user has the option to set the resistance of his / her choice.

These machines work on a motor and based on the location of which, they are classified into front, rear and center. The basic models of the elliptical trainer have the motor being worked by the legs. Some of these machines have arms provided with a pedal to provide exercise to the upper body too. The user will have to grip the handles and push them back and forth as well as use the legs to move the pedals up and down. This oscillating movement along with the constrained pedal motion gives an excellent workout routine for the muscles to burn out calories. Most elliptical trainers have the ergometer attached to show the speed, calories and period.

Elliptical trainers provide good exercise to muscles with less effort on the joints. The seating / standing position of the user helps to balance exercising and also posture muscles.

Since the elliptical trainers combine the treadmill effect and the stationary bike effect, it is considered as the best machines for home workouts.



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