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In the past, the fitness regime was for the rich, the famous and athletes. This is because only they could afford buying the required equipments and had that much time. Ever since the fitness bug has caught hold of the common man, people have realized that physical exercise is mandatory. In order to keep fit, people do not mind spending that extra amount. The prices of fitness equipment have become affordable in the past decade, making them easily affordable to most of the people.

There are many machine and equipments available in the marker which can help a person tone one's body in a desired way. The equipments range from big multi body part concentrating equipments to small hand held ones. Each of these equipments is engineered to focus on the shaping and exercising groups of muscles in a specific area of the body. A few of these equipments include: weights, elliptical trainers and treadmills.


These are the main equipments used in body building and strength building. Weights are of different sizes and some of them can be adjustable. Weight training equipments include the dumbbells, barbells, pulleys and stacks. Weight training equipment can even be made at home. For example sand bag of a defined weight or a bottle of water of defined weight. While some of these machines work where the...



This is a stationary exercise machine that provides running and walking motion while stationary one place. The size of the machine will depend on the activity that it is used for. Athletes require a bigger and advanced machine and one used at home should be small and compact. The equipment consists of a big conveyor belt that moves with the help of a motor. This motor can be either manually move...


Elliptical Trainers

This stationary machine provides exercises that mimic walking, climbing steep hill, running and cycling. These machines put less pressure on the joints of the limbs along with the limb muscles. These machines provide exercise to multiple body parts and can also be called the cross - trainer. Apart from the great exercise benefit to the muscles of upper and the lower body, these machines also pro...


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